How Does a Juice Cleanse Work?

A juice cleanse works by allowing the body to reduce the amount of toxins from the body by reducing the types of ingredients in which the body is exposed to for a period which often lasts between seven to twenty one days (depending on the specific needs of the person that is taking part in the juice fast). Through this time, the individual is most often only allowed to drink the juice which has been prepared for the juice fast and water.

The juice cleanse removes the toxins from the body; but where do these toxins come from? The majority of toxins in the body are found within the colon and through the digestive tract. Through the cleanse, which increases the amount of activity in the bowel, the toxins can be easily removed from the body. Once the toxins are removed from the body, it can be simple to obtain the weight loss goals and increase the overall health.

Unfortunately, most people do not get the five to ten recommended servings of fruit and vegetables in their diet – which is essential to revitalize the nutrients within the body and include the vitamins and essential components of a healthy lifestyle. Since many people don’t get the recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables, there are many recipes that can include juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables which allow an individual to increase the amount of servings of fruits and vegetables that one has access to in the traditional diet.

Through the increased nutrients and vitamins within the body, an individual is easily able to fast track weight loss, as well as increasing the healthiness of the body – while increasing energy levels and even creating a healthier interior environment within the body.

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